Kaunis Paikka

I have arrived in Finland. A few sights from Helsinki:

The recorder of the Finnish language. Dad, to think you may have not have learned Finnish if it were not for this man here.

Inside the new music hall looking out at some old train track ruins.

Kamppi Chapel of Silence

These church/chapel cushions were funky! Large felt rock chairs. Finnish design wins.

2 thoughts on “Kaunis Paikka

  1. More than 25 years ago, on the steps in the top picture, jetlagged Dad and I went to sleep with our heads on our knees. He could hear people speaking in Finnish about how we were not being respectful. They were correct, probably.

  2. There were so many foreign tourists there too yesterday that if I did that, I would have to know Japanese and not Finnish to understand I was not being respectful! I am glad to be here and the fact that you visited here 25 years ago with dad is very special.

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