“We are all going to die”

I think I bought my Sufjan Stevens ticket before my actual plane ticket to Stockholm. It technically isn’t my “research” because he is American and I have seen him before, but his music is so much related to how I think about death, life, and spirituality. It also sums up my attraction to the cemetery and proves that thinking about death is actually healthy because it makes our lives stronger. By recognizing great sadness and tragedy there is possibility for even greater joy and love.

“Everyone’s lives here tonight have somehow brought them to this exact moment, and there is nowhere else rather I would be.” – Sufjan

I would say thats how I am feeling about every moment of this journey. Somehow my life has led me to all of these beautiful places and people, and I am just happy to be here and enjoy it.

Here is the facade of the catholic church of Stockholm with scaffolding seen on my walk to the Göte Lejon theatre. Maybe god/ religion is not always in its most obvious form. Rather it can be seen in music, nature, and friendship. And even then I think it is always in transition and being rebuilt.

Lastly, No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross made me immediately think of the large cross in Skogskyrkogarden.


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