Gävle Skogskyrkogården Krematorium

Thought that was the last of Skogskyrkogården? Think again. This “woodland cemetery” in Gävle was built way beyond its time by four students in the 50’s completing their master’s thesis. Here the chapels become seamless with the nature with glass windows wrapping the top of the building. The crematorium is hidden beneath the earth, with a tall copper chimney 30 meters away, disguised as one of the many trees in the forest. The new crematorium in the Stockholm Skogskyrkogärden looks extremely similar but was built 50 years later…

DSC_0934DSC_0973DSC_0957DSC_0965DSC_0915This cemetery continues to be way beyond its time and into the digital age with a computer greeting you at the entrance. You can figure out where your relatives are buried, and also eliminate any human interaction what-so-ever.

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