Malmö: Lewerentz and Turtles

At the heritage of death conference in Stockholm there were two presentations which originated from an interdisciplinary cemetery architecture project called Camine. Both were about cemeteries in Malmö and one was about animals in the cemetery, and more particularly about the creation of a turtle pond at Limhamn cemetery. So of course I visited. There are 13 turtles in this pond and many were former pets that belonged to people in the area, but they dropped them here because they no longer wanted them. However, one boy decided to donate the turtle to the pond so that it could be closer to his deceased mother and keep her company. Turtles are not native to Sweden, so the cemetery staff transports them to a indoor environment created in the garden shed during the winter time.

Here I biked along the ocean coast and could even see some of Denmark across the water. It is autumn in Sweden, but that did not stop the guy at the end of the dock from proceeding to strip down and jump in the water after this photo was taken.

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