Mauerpark Flohmarkt

IMG_5765 IMG_3956IMG_9117IMG_3617

These are all the small snippets of English (mostly from tourists) that I overheard while walking around Berlin today. Enjoy. 

Oh you mean food vendors!

Who ever invented these rucksack things should be very ashamed 

Yeah I mean like if I had to have a conversation with someone…

They had to build up an entire freakish shrine in front of the U.S. Embassy in Budapest 

123 Alright! Thanks man. 

Do you want to see it? It’s kind of dark. 

This looks like our neighborhood! 

Fresh musli, good for energy and good for marriage. Or you can ignore…

But then we wanted to get fcked up

Like I know that I changed a little bit though

They were just strange cause they were 

She was having heart failure but then they got her pulled back together 

These are some beautiful lamps. One more beautiful than the other. This is my favorite… 

65%, sixty-five percent 

He phrased it in this really complicated way. Saying, “ok, the wall…”

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