Alter St.-Matthäus-Kirchhof

Images from the Alter St.-Matthäus-Kirchhof. This cemetery is quite special and has many interesting elements, so I will have to visit it again. Things to point out… Large memorial stones are embedded in the walls that line the cemetery, but often they can be too difficult and large to maintain. In a few areas ghosts of these monuments have been painted directly on the wall. People can also adopt a few of these large wall graves to reclaim them as their own as an initiative from monuments department in the government. The tree covered with ribbons is from the children’s burial section in the cemetery where there are many glass figurines, pin-wheels, photographs, and shrines to the children. It is heartbreaking to walk though but a beautiful gesture of remembrance. There is also cafe located in the cemetery but that is a whole different story.


Cafe Finovo which is a story in itself and I will write about later.

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