Three Months!

It is the three month mark. One quarter of the year has already passed! Today I sat in a cafe writing my quarterly report, or “long letter home,” to the Watson Foundation, and Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car started playing. This was a weirdly crazy and personal moment because when I woke up this morning that song was in my head. I didn’t really know the lyrics but I kept singing it. Well, I have been in a very fast car for the past three months. So much has happened. In May I met with a former Watson Fellow and I asked her for some advice for how to plan for the year. She started to give me a few tips and then she said quite frankly “just jump in.” Having to reflect on my experience today, I realize that is what I have done, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

And during these three months the world has not stood still on the other side. Here is the newest member of the Smith family! I can’t wait to meet her in August. She is quite the model and a very speedy girl.

3 thoughts on “Three Months!

  1. I can’t believe three months is already over! You are having quite an adventure and I am enjoying every day. Thanks for your posts. Xxx

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