Spätis, Columbariums, and Amazing Pakistani Curry (not pictured)

You know it is Sunday in Berlin when all the Spätis are closed. A spätkauf (translated literally to “late buy”) is a convenience store that sells everything from snacks, beer, cigarettes, magazines, and food to internet, stamps, or you can even print/ make copies. I guess the most comparable thing would be a 7/11 in the United States, but spätis are all different and unique. They are not chains and a very “local” way of doing business. Spätis are on every single corner and street in Berlin. It would be hard to find a place where you are far away from a späti. There is a law in Berlin that says only flowers, print media, bakery and dairy products can be sold on Sunday in Berlin, and even then for a limited amount of time, so all spätis are closed. This is actually sad inconvenient, so sometimes they are open illegally, but as long as the police don’t see it!

Emmauskirchhof south of Hermanstraße. This cemetery is a visual example of how cemeteries in Berlin are downsizing and also changing. The cemetery is one large rectangle with a long street cutting it down the middle. When you enter the cemetery everything looks normal, but as you continue to walk down this middle path you soon discover that nature gradually takes over and the cemetery fades into a wooded area. This area has been marked as a future public housing site. A perfect example of what I wrote about here. 

These columbariums and the practice of cremation are reason why cemeteries are decreasing in size.

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