Tour of the Dorotheenstädtischer Friedhof Berlin

Don’t be afraid of death so much as an inadequate life. – Bertolt Brecht

The man above on left(Werner Riemann) is an actor and was a part of the Berliner Ensemble- and acted with Bertolt Brecht. I took a tour around the Dorotheenstädtischer Friedhof with him today where he pointed out the many famous actors and writers buried there. Most of these people were not only celebrities, but artists, thinkers, and political activists. When I am walking through these spaces I am often not thinking about the significant people buried, but of the social atmosphere and urban plan /architecture of the cemetery. Our guide walked through as if saying hello to old friends and it was moving to see the personal dimension of the space to him. Each stone represents a personal story and is history for him. Therefore the cemetery does not just reside in a material realm- but can be an emotional cloud of memories as well.

FullSizeRender-9 This red maker shows that a grave is culturally significant and therefore the 30 year “rent” rule does not apply.  FullSizeRender-6 People have placed pencils and pens on top of some of the stones to pay respect to some of their favorite writers. FullSizeRender-7FullSizeRender-8

And here are all the art books I wanted to pack in my suitcase… but then I would be adding 100 more pounds.

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