Volkstrauertag (the national day of mourning) at the Stahnsdorf Friedhof. This day commemorates all those who have died in armed conflict and those who were victims of oppression. The ceremony began with a procession of bagpipes which led to a ceremony to at the graves of soldiers. Here there were some short speeches and wreaths were laid before the second world war memorial. This happened all over at cemeteries in Germany today, and this particular ceremony was in collaboration with the British Embassy because there a large section for British soldiers within Stahnsdorf (the Queen even visited last year). At the beginning of the ceremony there was also a short moment of silence for Paris, which people all over the world are mourning today.


The above words have gaps not from nature, but from cemetery thieves. Some terrible people take the metal and other valuables from gravestones because they can pawn them. This is unbelievable to me– the letters keep the names of those who passed away alive and to take that away is simply…


Verdi Concert at the Berliner Dom

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