Ohlsdorf Friedhof in Hamburg: the largest rural cemetery in the world and the second largest cemetery over all. This cemetery is so big that after walking around for an hour I only saw 1/8 of it. To really experience the cemetery one needs a bike or a car. There are two bus lines that go through the cemetery, 13 chapels, and multiple gardening offices. The mausoleums are some of the biggest that I have every seen in my life, and even bigger than most average cemetery chapels. I had to ask myself for a second if I was back in Texas… everything there was that big.

Many many thanks to my guide, Dr. Barbara Leisner, who showed me around. Dr. Leisner is an author, cultural historian, and cemetery expert. She has researched and written all about not only Ohlsdorf, but other cemeteries in Germany / Europe. She also has a fantastic blog herself that is linked below!


3 thoughts on “Ohlsdorf

  1. Interesting point! I would agree. Often times I see the same thing over and over- especially now that I have been in Berlin for two months. And the difference arrives beneath the monuments where there is a very unique and important personal story for the friends/ family. But the pattern can also creates comfort in the anticipation of what will be (at the end.)

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