This one is for my fish

A few days ago my fish of five years passed away. Patrick (the name of the fish) was a very small goldfish given to me by a friend my senior year of high school. He sat on our family’s kitchen counter in Glen Ellyn and would just swim around in his small glass bowl- a consistent friendly face in our active lives (and he was always present at our family dinners). I lived in Houston throughout most of his life, but he was always there when I came home for Christmas or Thanksgiving. Rest in peace, Patrick.

However, Patrick’s death also brings to light a new dimension to my project: pet cemeteries. Animals and pets are usually not allowed to be buried in human cemeteries, so there are a few separate places that are designated for this purpose. For example, I know of three cemeteries in Berlin just for animals. I am actually trying not to laugh as I write this– because I am trying to imagine the dollhouse sized  grave stone to mark this miniature fish, but it is actually very serious. People love their pets and my family loved Patrick. It is only appropriate to give pets a special resting space as well. Below is also a picture/ link to an online “virtual memorial garden.” Here the pet cemetery is moved to an online space where owners can remember their pets by creating an memorial page. My parents just buried the fish in our backyard, as I think most pet owners do, but it is nice to know that there are alternative community memorials as well.

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 00.12.17.png


3 thoughts on “This one is for my fish

  1. Lydia, you made me laugh out loud several times while reading this. I am remembering Patrick swimming belly up that time I stayed with you while your mom and dad were in Minnesota. We thought he was gone but the next morning he was happily swimming right side up! RIP Patrick!

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