Wohnungsfrage at Haus der Kulturen der Welt


Wohnungsfrage (Apartment Questions) – exhibition at Haus der Kulturen der Welt– This exhibition examines community housing problems in cities around the world with mock ups for some new designs from different architectural firms. One of the firms featured is Tokyo based Atelier Bow Wow, who also collaborated with Rice University School of Architecture / Rice Gallery to make “Shotgun” in the spring of 2015. I created a short film showing the architecture students describing their own personal projects that they also relating to the shotgun house. The project featured at the HKW was a bit different, but also used student collaboration to make an ideal co-op house for young adults. In Berlin many young adults live together in a large apartment called a WG (pronounced veh-gay). Sometimes there will be as many as six or seven people in one WG. Of course then they also throw great parties.

Shoutout to everyone at Rice Gallery- Christine, Josh, Kim, and all the docents! I miss you all and it was a wonderful surprise to happen upon more Bow Wow in Berlin.


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