Garden City


There interesting things about Cairo that at first are a bit quirky and weird, but then become a reality after a couple of weeks. The first is leisure. Leisure is privatized. This means if you want to go to park and relax in the sun, you have to drive somewhere and then pay an entrance fee. If you want to go for a run in any sort of natural area, then you have to drive to a special place outside of the city, schedule a time, and also pay to enter this “nature preserve,”- which apparently is a lot of sand. Many expatriates are part of clubs that require a foreign passport to enter. Here they can go and enjoy familiar food, possibly swim in a pool, or drink an american beer. This leads me to alcohol. There is a very limited selection here and the quality is not that great- just check out the drinkies website. Yes, the place to buy alcohol in Egypt is called drinkies. And it delivers to your door in a black bag! The two things that come in black bags in Egypt are feminine hygiene products and alcohol. If you want better quality spirits or more than just one option for gin, you have to buy it duty free at the airport. You also have the option to buy it at a duty free shop when you leave the airport, but only have 48 hours to get this mission accomplished. And what you will pay for this luxury is probably worth the price, but will maybe make your wallet a bit sad. So these are things that maybe confuse Americans living in Cairo at the beginning, but then you just adapt and now my roommate Julianna brews her own wine and beer!

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