Heliopolis War Cemetery

The Heliopolis war cemetery is a little bit odd to see after spending 20 days in the city of Cairo.  It is run by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and was created in 1941 after a hospital was opened nearby dealing with sick and wounded soldiers from Western Desert campaigns. Here you see cemetery with perfectly groomed green grass, local plants, and six different types of sculpted trees. The juxtaposition with the tall Cairo apartments and tan skyline of buildings is very noticeable. The cemetery has a couple walls that surround it for security. Beyond that wall there is another Islamic cemetery that is best described as “typical,” so the contrast is stark. The war cemetery has five gardeners and works hard to irrigate and maintain the rare lush green you would not often find in other parts of Cairo. These war cemeteries are all over the world- if you have been following me regularly, you might have noticed I visited one in Berlin. The British do not bring their soldiers home after they die, like Americans, but rather lay them to rest in the countries where they passed. However, looking through the 1,830 burials you will would find diversity in soldiers from Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, East/West Africa, Malta, Sudan, France, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Yugoslavia, China, Czechoslovakia, Italy, and a few other places.


Think about this one in comparison. They are worlds apart.


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