miaya miaya مائة مائة

Today I was in my taxi in a ton of traffic, and I suddenly I felt feeling about Cairo that surprised me… I think I am in love with this city. I leave in just three weeks, but today was an absolutely perfect day and now I am not sure if I can actually leave this place.


I started in Al Kahlifa Cemetery/ Community with a visit to the NGO/ collective- Megawra. They have done a lot of restoration work in the area, such as saving important monuments. However, they are also invested in the community that resides in this area by hosting children’s education programs, a clinic, and soon a 3 day festival bringing in people to this area to celebrate its culture and history. I am going to hopefully volunteer a bit with them, so more on this later.


To finish the day I did some writing at the Sufi bookstore in Zamalek, attended a very interesting lecture about the arts economy in Egypt hosted by the Fulbright committee, and then had a beer with Lisa (who is from Berlin- another favorite place of mine) in this famous downtown cafe, el horreya.




2 thoughts on “miaya miaya مائة مائة

  1. miaya miaya is arabic (in the english alphabet) for 100/100 or مائة مائة
    It is used as an expression after something goes well to proclaim it perfect

    And yes I will see my sister! How did you know? I am going to do a short layover on my way to Argentina. Before you know it there will hopefully be blog evidence.

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