Arabic is easy

All you do is have to string together these slang words in some kind of random sentence and you will pass as Egyptian Arabic speaker

  1. Inshallah – إن شاء الله‎ – god willing
  2. Habibi -حبيبي – my love
  3. Hamdullah-الحمد لله – thank god
  4. Mumkin- maybe/ can/ could
  5. Yanni- you know what I mean 
  6. Maiya Maiya – one hundred out of one hundred
  7. Ayoa/ La – yes / no 
  8. Mashi- alright (but also means “walking”)
  9. Shokran- شكرا – thank you
  10. Yala let’s go (or hurry up) 
  11. Mish mushkila – no problem/ either way 
  12. Salam Ou Alaikoum- السلام عليكم‎ – Peace be upon you (hello/goodbye) 

FullSizeRender 5Orange Trees at AUC IMG_2426Billboard Light SculptureFullSizeRender 3New Cairo– New Buildings

2 thoughts on “Arabic is easy

  1. شك ا I love it! مائة مائة
    These phrases are so useful and lovely! You must have them memorized by now. The visual character of the photos you choose to take show the mystery and beauty of an exotic (to me) culture with deep history.

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