6 months Khalas

I love Egypt. I love how everywhere you go you are offered hot sweet tea with mint and a lot of sugar. I love the ghostly-unfinished high-rises with stairs to nowhere and rebar sticking out from the top of the roof. I love the markets downtown where you can find tomatoes saturated with bright red color and taste as good as they look. I love all the laundry blowing like colorful flags from every balcony. I love the trucks traveling everywhere packed high with colorful sacks of garbage on their way to be recycled. I love the tall pigeon houses built in competition to call all the birds flying in flocks above the city at sunset. I love the untranslatable vernacular Arabic words used in almost every sentence: inshallah, habibi, shokran, janne, yala, alhumdulah, and halas. I love the twisting calligraphy even though I cannot read even one letter. I love how five times a day the city suddenly starts humming with prayer. I love the cheap street foul and tameya sandwiches I can get for 2 LE. I love the driving along the autrostrad towards the citadel and looking above a complicated collage of tombs in the city of the dead. Egypt has been for the most part very good to me and I will miss Egypt.


6 months have passed since August. Luckily, unlike this goat, I still have many more adventures ahead of me. He was basically finished once he was tied to that pole. Khalas.

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