Cementiri de Montjuïc

Cementiri de Montjuïc is located on a mountain overlooking the sea in Montjuïc, a part of Barcelona. It is exhausting to walk through because it is a winding maze that just keeps rising higher and higher. I regretted not wearing/owning hiking boots. The architecture is a combination of gothic, classical, neo-gothic, and modernisme. The graves range from urns in a columbarium, grand mausoleums, family tombs, and large walls with niches. There is a lot of history at this site with the remains of a crematorium built by the Romans at the top of the hill, and a funerary carriage museum at the bottom. The sculpture is fantastic and ornate. I was impressed by Pere Lachaise, but the carved stone figures here more lifelike and the cemetery landscape with the incredible view was more unique. In addition, there is a green lawn at the edge of the cemetery called Fossar de la Pedrera, which was the location of a mass grave for 4,000 victims of Spain’s White Terror during the Civil War. Now it has been transformed into a memorial park with monuments to women, the victims of the holocaust, and even the former president of the Catalan parliament is buried there in a sleek pond tomb there, remembering his assassination in 1940. Photography is not allowed on site, and so I have only included a few images, mostly from the top of the cemetery hill and the memorial garden.

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MACBA — Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona, where all the art was about Cairo and commentary on city space. The exhibition DESIRES AND NECESSITIES included an installation of newspapers and comics by Francesc Ruiz, a deconstruction of places of memory in the city by Iman Issa, a film about the crusades from the perspective of Islam by Wael Shawky, and other artists from the middle east. I also discovered Patricia Dauder‘s work and I think we speak a similar visual language.

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