Monday and Tuesday are national holidays in Argentina because of Carnival. The city is empty because most people have left for vacation (it is summer here and very hot, but I am enjoying the sudden transition of seasons). In the evening each part of the city has a closed street where performers gather in costume, music is played, and people dance. Many cute children are out running around, people are spraying each other with silly string, and you can buy a “chori” or “hamburguesa” on the corner of the street. The costumes are colorful with sparkly patches all over showing the dancers’ names and popular figures (the facebook like thumbs up, che guevara, betty boop…) The songs also can be very political. One group marched in with a man tagged with the logos of many large corporations holding a sculpture of a giant butt on the end of a long stick. The crowd tries to throw small balls of newspaper into the open crack as he dances and marches around.

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