Flores Cemetery Signs

DSC_0383Yes, that is a coffin peaking out of a brick wall. Welcome to Flores Cemetery.


Here are some interesting signs around the cemetery that tell a lot about the culture.

  1. A shrine of objects demonstrating the significance of Catholicism in Argentina. This was made for a former grave taker who would often read the bible with some of the families who would visit the graves. He died tragically and his friends made this memorial on the table near the station where he used to work.


2. Two signs saying that you should not use water in the flower holders to prevent the spread of Dengue.  Instead you should use wet sand so that mosquitos cannot use it as a breeding ground.


3. A sign on the elevator saying that if the power goes out it is not the fault of the cemetery administration, but the larger municipality. There have been a lot of energy cuts all over Buenos Aires recently because the grid was not wired properly for large apartment buildings consuming a lot of energy with air conditioners in the heat of summer. Recently the government has been also conducting scheduled power cuts around the city. This is terrible in the heat, food gets spoiled, and often people can’t carry on with their work.


4. A: The caregiver does not receive a salary from the government. Thank you. (They rely in on the money from the deceased family for upkeep of the graves) B: Regulations for the artificial flowers in the cemetery (you cannot have more than three per niche). C:  Stop/ help prevent the theft in the cemetery! (this is a huge problem)


5. More flower regulations – the official rules were changed back in 1998, so if you have not visited the grave since then, this notice is for you.


6.  A convenient use of the flower holders on the outside of the urn niches in the Naval Pantheon.


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