Congrats! Let’s cut your hair.

Cordoba is a university town with a large public university and many private schools as well. When students graduate there is a special ritual that their friends and family do to celebrate. After they receive the paper saying that they have a degree, the graduate is taken to the park where their family covers them in eggs, flower, fish stew, rotten food, ketchup, nesquik chocolate powder, paint, streamers, glitter, and confetti. Their friends also tear their clothes and cut a bit of their hair. Following this, there is a photo shoot to commemorate the occasion, and then finally the graduate is cleaned off and taken around in a car to tour the city!


The only bad thing about this ritual is that afterwards the grass in the park is covered in eggs, flower, and rotten food. Birds come and surround the area looking for food, but really what only remains is a really awful stench. Happy graduation!


An exhibition “La Casas” by Martin Kovensky @ Caraffa Fine Arts Museum



Everyone loves Mate! (the special leather bag depicted that David is carrying is for Mate on the go) IMG_4954

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