Fernet at 6 pm: breaking social rules


“Nunca Mas” (Never again, final report of the National Commission on the Disappearance of Persons) is a book ever Argentine knows. It tells a detailed report of missing persons from 1976-1983 and was written by Ernesto Sabato. College campuses and students care deeply about this time in history, vowing to never repeat it, and here is one example of graffiti on the walls of the psychology building at the public university in Cordoba.

IMG_5005Signs inside the student center show how politically active students are. Young people are a main voice of protests- of any kind- and Argentina is a protest country.


Thank you Sabrina for the amazing time in Cordoba! I miss life as a student at Rice and it was fun to hang out with someone in that mode for a weekend. Although drinking fernet and coke at 6 pm on a Sunday seems totally wrong, it was important to check off my list of classic experiences. Cheers to you final year studying architecture!

IMG_4998 2-1 (dragged)IMG_5017

… Any my super fancy bus for the 13 hour nighttime ride to Salta.


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