Casa Ecologica Iguazu


There may not be a cemetery in Iguazu, but there is house made (almost) entirely from recycled plastic bottles! I got a tour of this very interesting (but also somewhat dirty and uncomfortable) engineering feat. Not only are all the walls supported by a tetris of plastic bottles, but there are chairs, tables, and and even beds cushioned with plastic bottles beneath them. Over the years the man who owns the house, Alfredo Alberto Santa Cruz, has incorporated other forms of recycling into the house and even started an initiative to make similar recycled homes in different communities throughout the Argentina. I don’t think I want this for my own home but I really appreciate the ingenuity and I love the plastic bottle cutter pictured below that transforms a one liter bottle into a 6 m long strand of super strong plastic rope.

DSC_0573DSC_0590DSC_0581IMG_5542 Earlier in the day I did a 3 km hike that led to this secret spot in the iguazu park where you can swim in a small pool under one of the waterfalls.

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