Touring Cemeteries

La Recoleta is Buenos Aires’s number one tourist attraction. It in the top ten list of almost every guide book and magazine. People don’t really go to Argentina to see the great wonders of the world- they go for music, art, theatre, tango, fantastic food… basically the culture. BUT the cemetery is one place that you can go (for free) and see something architecturally impressive and filled with history (Eva Peron). So now La Recoleta cemetery has taken on a huge new identity in the city as an open air museum where all of the foreigners visit on their tour buses. There are frequent guided tours in a variety of languages, and when you walk through the cemetery on an average day it is like you crashed a mini United Nations summit on burial. So what did I do when I had three tourist join me in Argentina? I took them to La Recoleta to hang out with the rest of them.


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