Goodbye Argentina

Two months keeps becoming shorter and shorter everywhere I go. It is just enough time to get a small understanding of a place, especially if I am moving around a lot like I did in Argentina. However, it gave me a chance to meet a lot of different people living different lifestyles and with varying perspectives. I will miss having to use my terrible Spanish, delicious empanadas, musical protests everywhere, political discussions that pop up like the weather, mate in the afternoon, the white skyscrapers with angled roofs, the luring colorful landscapes outside the city, eight dollar haircuts, and long bus rides. And of course the cemeteries that were so different than I had initially anticipated, but better in the end. Good bye Argentina! I am crying just a little bit for losing you.

FullSizeRender 19 (1)Tango (finally.) FullSizeRender 20 (1)Also, I will miss mate.

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