Melbourne General Cemetery

The general cemetery in Melbourne is a sprawling landscape of white sandstone and most of the graves all appear to look the same, but here and there a few quirky monuments to some interesting characters stick out if you search for them.

IMG_6417There is a garden that is the memorial ground for prime ministers of Australia. Robert Gordon Menzies was the longest-serving Prime Minister with 18 years under his belt until he resigned in 1966. He was one of the few who was actually buried in the memorial garden alongside his wife.IMG_6425Walter Lindrum was a famous billiards player that was so good at the game that they had to change the official rules to make it more difficult. He has 57 world records in the game. IMG_6428Elvis is of course buried in Graceland, back in the USA, but that didn’t stop the Melbourne fan club from placing their own memorial for the king in the general cemetery. IMG_6440The is one of the few stones that I have seen in Australia dedicated to an aboriginal, but it was of course only erected by colonists who are thankful that he warned them about a impending attack of tribesman. It is written on the stone, “This stone was erected by a few colonists to commemorate the noble act of the native chief, Derrimut, who by timely information given, October 1835, to the first colonists, Messrs Fawkner, Lancey, Evans, Henry Batman and their dependants, saved them from massacre planned by some of the up-country tribes of Aborigines. Derrimut closed his mortal career in the Benevolent Asylum May 28th 1864; aged about 54 years.” Of course only the traitor and “savior of the white man” is commemorated. IMG_6464IMG_6489This memorial was created by families long after (about 10-20 years) after the deaths of their still born babies. They finally received the proper memorial that they deserved, and proved that a loss like that is never really completely overcome. Most of the dates and names on the stones below are from sometime between the 50s and 70s. IMG_6495

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