Rice in Melbourne

I was walking along the Brunswick Street in Fitzroy and I just turned to see a familiar face… it took me a second to realize I knew those faces from Rice! Nice to run into Graham and Alec! This is probably the most random thing that has happened this year yet, and to make it even crazier, these guys had just visited the general cemetery earlier that morning.


Melbourne is the home to the restaurant “Lentils As Anything,” which is a non-profit volunteer organization, where instead of getting a bill at the end of the meal, you “pay what you feel.”  It is a really interesting (and a bit political) concept because the idea is that you also pay based on how much you can. If you are struggling to pay the rent, you can count on getting a nice hot meal at the end of the day, but if you are rolling in cash, you can make up the difference and help your neighbors out. The chef, kitchen staff, waiters, musicians, and everyone else working there are all volunteers. If you can’t pay for your meal you can also sign up to be part of the team to pay with time. For the past 13 years this model has not failed. It is all vegetarian food and the menu changes daily.

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