Yoshinogari and Yutoku Inari


Above is an old historic village Yoshinogari park in Kanzaki city that has been reconstructed to look as it existed 200o years ago. The burial methods of these people were especially unique. They would bury (the elite) in two large clay pots conjoined together to create a capsule. The pots would be positioned into the earth at an 45 degree angle, with the deceased person’s knees bent. Often beads from jewelry and a weapon would be found along with the remains. I can’t help but draw to many comparisons between Sweden and Japan while I am here, but I will write more about that in depth later.

Below is the Yutoku Inari shrine which has a new elevator, attempted to be incorporated into the traditional architecture of the shrine. It is quite obvious though that “one of these things is not like the other” due to how high tech the glass looks, and it sticks out amongst all the other buildings. It also costs 300 yen to use (so I chose the stairs.)


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