1,000 paper cranes (Hiroshima)

While in Hiroshima and Nagasaki the majority of my companions while visiting the sites were young school groups. Below is a group of kids that just dropped off their own paper cranes that they made at the children’s peace memorial.

DSC_0885DSC_0893Some of the paper cranes folded by Sadako. (I hope you read Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes when you were in elementary school, and if you didn’t please go to the library right now and check it out.) IMG_7937

And finally scenes of the Nakka Incineration plant, which is a garbage recycling plant, but one of the coolest buildings made for this activity. It was extremely clean and basically the exact opposite of what is happening in Zabaleen (garbage city in Cairo.) This is also proof of the city’s move onward after the bombings to be a modern and progressive space of innovation– the incinerator is highly efficient and eco-friendly.


2 thoughts on “1,000 paper cranes (Hiroshima)

    • Oh wonderful! I remember reading that version when I was younger. They are beautiful illustrations. I still remember when my mom took me to a reading by your uncle and we all met him! Sending you love!


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