Rebel Mausoleums


(I returned to Koyasan! This time I see it for a week without the business of festival celebrations.) While Koyasan is known for Okunoin cemetery, that does that mean okunion is the only place in the town where people are buried. There are too more cemeteries in the town (but I will write about that later) and some of the temples have their own private small plots outside their gardens, which is a tradition of thousands of years. There are also some mausoleums that honor important or rich historical figures that are not on the premises of Okunion. This is probably so they don’t directly class with the authority of Kukai.

The Tokugawa family built the above mausoleums in 1643 and it took about 2o years to complete. These two mausoleums are completely identical and honor a father and son of the family lone. They are decorated in gold and silver, and they are elevated on a ledge embedded within the landscape of the mountainous Koyasan, which of course is imposing to walk up to. Death and memorial is not only contained within the cemetery landscape.


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