I have been participating in different forms of meditation while in Koyasan because it is a central part of Buddhism. Every morning I wake up around 5:30 and go to a temple for the 6 am “service” or “prayer,” but it is more like a collective mediation. I also have practiced some private guided meditation, copied the sutra, and hiked as a form of walking meditation.

2 thoughts on “Meditation

    • Kukai brought Buddhism from China to Japan, and Koyasan (this town) is the center for this Buddhist sect he founded, called “Shingon.” This was a sutra I copied, and so it something he brought from Chinese Buddhism. And actually many things are often in Sanskrit, and the chanting as well. However, Chinese and Japanese alphabets are not too different… Some of the most basic characters are the same, but I am definitely not an expert on that.


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