Heiwa Koen (Peace Park) Cemetery


This cemetery “park” in Nagoya is an endless sprawl of graves ascending and descending a hilly range for miles. However, it nestles a lake, there is a wooded walking path surrounding the premises, and there are numerous large monuments that break up the otherwise monotonous landscape.

NIJI NO TOH:  A rainbow tower that transmits a rainbow from the tip at each equinox day


KENTAI NO TOH : A monument For the memory of the people who left their body to medicine


HEIWA-DO: a peace temple donated by Nagoya’s sister city in China


MUEN-ZUKA: two mound graves for the people who no longer have any other living relations to take care of their graves – one a green hill containing ashes and the other a mountain of old stones


ISEWAN-TAIFUU KINENHI: A memorial for the 1959 typhoon


Monument of Silent Prayers: A small forested area in the middle of the large cemetery for silent meditation and contemplation


And some other scenes from the rest of the park’s landscape:



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