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try to post a photo accompanied by a few short words as a daily meditation on my experience. The blog primarily a visual journal for myself, but visitors are welcome to live the journey along side me by visiting  one minute weekly or a couple seconds daily.  You can do this by either saving the link in your bookmarks or subscribing by email. There is a “follow” button at the bottom of the site revealed after clicking the plus sign.

Because there is so much information on this blog (one whole year), I commend anyone who can get through this whole thing in a single sitting. However, if you wish to attempt this you can…

Start from the Beginning

If you wish to start from the beginning back in August, simply click here to go to my first post. Then use the arrow on the right hand sides of each post to move on to the next day.
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Alternatively you can just scroll through the home page and click on whatever pictures jump out to you. The posts are displayed chronologically, so as you scroll down, you are traveling back in time. I often post more than one picture a day (it is just so hard to choose), and so there may be more to the story than just the featured image. You can always return to this main page by clicking “home” in the menu at the top.